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Studifuel is a healthy lifestyle box for students with the aim of making it easier for students to eat more healthily and get enough of the nutrients they need to keep their body and mind on top form so that they can feel more energised and better prepared to face the daily challenges that university and life throw at them. Their boxes contain:

• A monthly supply of vitamins and minerals including Vitamin C (to support the immune system and boost energy), Vitamin B12 (to combat tiredness and fatigue) and Omega 369 (to boost brain function and heart health)

• A selection of healthy snacks to provide a healthier and tastier alternative to unhealthy snacks which are high in sugar and fat

• Detoxifying herbal teas to cleanse the system and relax the mind

• Online access to our carefully selected recipes and meal plans containing healthy, delicious and easy to make recipes tailored to a student budget


How do I get this discount? Simply verify your ISIC card below to receive your promo code.

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For further information regarding Studifuel, please visit their website



This offer applies to all Studifuel boxes including the premium and mini box ranges. The discount can be used once for your first Studifuel box.

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