Inveraray Jail

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About this benefit:

All ISIC, IYTC, and ITIC cardholders can enjoy discounted tickets to Inveraray Jail and County Court.

About Inveraray Jail & County Court:   

Step back almost two centuries and discover the stories of the real men, women, and children who were tried and served their sentences in this prison. Visit the Courtroom; explore the Cells in the Old and New Prisons; try out the wooden beds and hammocks; sample the punishments; experience the Whipping Table; take your turn at the Crank Wheel. Meet the Warder and Prisoners and get locked up in the Airing Yards. 

Listen to dramatic true tales from the characters in the Jail's past brought to life with FREE interactive audio guides. Available in six languages. 

Visit Inveraray Jail at Church Square, Inveraray PA32 8TX


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