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About this benefit:

15% off your meal at Happy Maki in Brighton 

About Happy Maki:

Happy Maki is all about freshly rolled sushi. Bursting with fusion fillings, their futomaki rolls are super addictive and healthy too. They've got everyone's taste buds covered, from the Carnivore approved Hoisin Duck, to the fresh and flavoursome 'Avocado Kiss'. As they are made to order in front of your eyes, you can pick and choose different fillings to suit your flavour, including their ginger and wasabi needs!

Why Vegan Sushi? After learning about the true state of our fisheries and the oceans ecosystems, Anna, the founder of Happy Maki, was set on selling fish free sushi using just as delicious vegan alternatives - to help save out oceans and raise awareness of these important issues. As more and more people are learning, our oceans are under serious threat of extinction. Coral reefs have been predicted to die off by 2025, and all fish to be extinct by 2050. This isn't just a tragedy for our wildlife, if ocean life ceases to exist, so do we and all other living things. We are dependent on the ocean for so much, including the air we breathe.

This is only the beginning of the soul of their company. In addition to this, with every wrap you buy, Happy Maki donates 7 pence to feed a child through Mary's Meals, and 8 pence to plant a tree through Mary's Meals. 

Visit Happy Maki at 8 Pool Valley, Brighton BN1 1PN.

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