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Just because everyone’s in lockdown, doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate Pride this month. There’s just as many (Zoom) parties, just as much colour and just as many things to celebrate! We’ve decided to be your party/fairy godmother and put together this list of all the Pride events you can (virtually) join in with this year.


George Floyd, Belly Mujinga and Breonna Taylor are just a few names which you’ve probably read a lot about in the past couple of weeks in relation to the Black Lives Matter movement. We’ve been taking the time to educate ourselves further about everything that’s been going on, both in America and here in the UK, by reading, watching and listening to others. We want to do everything we can to support the movement and as such have decided to put together this source of information listing different resources you can look at and find useful. We know this isn’t an exhausted list, so if you have any additional recommendations of ways people can show support please drop it into the comments section below!


Plastic, we're addicted to it! Good for a fling, and quickly disposable, much like a tinder first date. Chances are that plastic bag, straw, or coffee lid will end up in the planet's largest dump site, the ocean - clogging some poor turtle's airways. But we'll only take notice when the viral video floating around our newsfeed forces us to see it. Grim! Yet it's easier than you think to reduce your plastic waste, EVEN as a student. Here are 8 easy ways to reduce plastic waste (and save some coin at the same time).