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Fed up of the daily grind and want a change of scene from the ordinary nine-to-five?
Working holidays and study-abroad programmes are a great way to earn money, improve your CV and live abroad for a year or more in far-flung places around the globe. What’s not to love?! Below is a list of five of the best places to either work or study abroad. The best part? All of them have included a discount of 10% off when booked using your ISIC card. Winner winner, chicken dinner.

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Welcome to the fortunate Year of the Pig! Today ushers in a new lunar year of wealth, optimism and good luck, and what better a way to celebrate this fat, pink auspicious occasion than with food, new experiences and bangin' good discounts with your ISIC card?!

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If you’re waking up in cold sweats from dreams of mouth-watering burgers, you might be an ill-prepared meat-eater undertaking Veganuary. If you have no idea what you’re doing when it comes to plant-based diets and are on the brink of caving back to your carnivore ways, you might want to think again …


Plastic, we're addicted to it! Good for a fling, and quickly disposable, much like a tinder first date. Chances are that plastic bag, straw, or coffee lid will end up in the planet's largest dump site, the ocean - clogging some poor turtle's airways. But we'll only take notice when the viral video floating around our newsfeed forces us to see it. Grim! Yet it's easier than you think to reduce your plastic waste, EVEN as a student. Here are 8 easy ways to reduce plastic waste (and save some coin at the same time).

Early Years

The brainchild of a group of Scandinavian students from the '50s, ISIC started as nothing more than a paper document with a stapled passport photo. From humble beginnings ISIC is now a student-centric global brand.